With so many companies offering Roof Contractor SEO these days, we know that it’s hard to decide what type of Roofer SEO is best for your business. Most monthly services can be quite expensive and you’re required to part with your money in advance with no guarantee you’ll see results.

Does that seem very fair to you? That is why our Roofing Contractor SEO is different.

We've been pioneers in pay for performance SEO for several years now, which means that you ONLY start paying for results, when you get results. Whereas our competition asks for fees upfront, we require nothing to get started. We'll prove that our service works first before you pay us one cent and since our program is month-to-month with no long term contracts, it puts the pressure on us to perform month in and month out!



Our space is very limited and only work with a handful of companies which is why our program is guaranteed to increase your phone calls & web leads.


SEO Management

We are experts at SEO for Roofing Contractors. We'll build your presence organically for the long term.

Map/Listing Management

Our crawlers and workflow make it easy for us to track, manage and fix your listings across multiple websites.

Review Management

With one place for all your reviews, we'll monitor new and existing reviews from across the web.

Visibility Reports

We monitor the search engines and directories to keep a tab on your business' performance.

With a Lead Generation Company, you might get 5 good leads out of every 10 you purchase. If you're lucky! Your website can produce far superior results. 9 out 10 leads in our program are solid leads. There is no comparison. Stop buying roofing leads. Generate them through your site.



It's a proven fact that high organic or "natural" listings outperform PPC or "pay-per-click" an average of 85% to 15%. That's a pretty large margin, but don't take our word for it, Google it yourself.

It's also a proven fact that PPC campaigns are more expensive and return a lower ROI than Organic SEO for Roofing Contractors. This is the reason why we focus heavily on getting you ranked organically or naturally in the major search engines and especially in Google with Local Roofer SEO. Our program is considerably less expensive than PPC and it will deliver a much higher ROI in the long run than any PPC campaign you'll run.


If you use a contractor lead service to buy contractor leads, but have share them with other companies, you know that most of those leads are not very good. This is why generating exclusive roofing leads is a better long term option. We follow a proven system that helps our clients gain top visibility for dozens of the most searched roofing keyterms. Our Roofing SEO focuses on gaining top visibility for the terms that drive traffic for long term sustainable growth. High organic rankings can literally change your business, it just takes a little patience to get there, but the end result is definitely worth it. So stop buying roofing leads and contractor leads that you have to share. Use a better program like ours for your contractor lead generation.



Many companies claim to offer the Best SEO for Roofing Contractors, but how many of those companies refuse to take any money upfront to prove that their Roofing Company SEO actually works? Probably very few if any at all. At the Visible Roofer, we are only interested in earning your business by offering a Roofing Contractor Lead Service that we feel is unmatched.

Simply put, we guarantee first page ranking for dozens of popular search terms like roofing contractor, roofing contractors, roofer, roofers, roofing company, etc., and before we launch your campaign, we do extensive keyterm research to find the most searched terms in your area so you know that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

If claim to be the best or the #1 platform for roofers, shouldn't you be able to achieve several first page rankings in just a couple of weeks and not several months? Whereas most companies take this long just to rank a few keyterms, we rank terms in a fraction of that time by building your domain authority with a diverse and trusted backlink profile. This includes links to mandatory directories, listing sites, review sites, SEO trusted business directories and niche relevant websites, forums and blogs. We build your offsite profile to convey strength, trust and authority to the search engines so that they in turn reward you with high organic visibility.

*We also utilize Schema markup language so that your organic listings will show review stars like our client you see on the left. Less than .o1% of all roofing contractor websites utilize these stars in their natural listings. NO, that is NOT a typo! They are only typically seen on directory websites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc., but we get them to show up for dozens of searches for your local website.


If you've ever performed a local search, you have undoubtedly seen these local maps results. More often than not, these local results are shown above the natural or organic listings and these maps sections have changed drastically over the last several years. They used to be called the "7 pack" as there were typically 7 main listings that showed for each search on a local level.

Today, there are now only 3 main listings which only further stresses the need for a company to obtain top visibility in this section. These local listings are gold and have proven to be invaluable at driving direct calls and roofing leads to local contractors. Since they are typically seen first and show only local companies - they get considerably high impressions and click through rates. When these listings are coupled with high organic rankings, lead and click thorough rates often double or triple.

Contrary to what you might have heard, ranking well on these map listings have nothing to do with your website. This section is tied into directory listings or "citations" and the key to ranking in the Top 3 is directly tied into how your business information is being populated across the many different major, local and hyper local directories.

We get your company listed on up to 200 directories that have been proven to have a direct impact on ranking well in maps. Most contractors ranking in the top 3 have an average of around 25-50 with 75-100 being extremely rare. Because of our new powerful software, we can now Guarantee Top Map Placement in Google and Google Mobile. Until now, that's been unheard of.



Want to know how your business is listed on up to the 200 listing, directory and review sites? We often find that most companies fail to rank well in maps because of inaccurate or no business information. This information is free and there is no obligation to run it. Use the information on your own to build up your presence or you can hire us to do it for you. Either way this information is invaluable.

Just input your Business Name, City and Business Phone on the form to the right and our own Inspector Gadget will investigate whether and show if your business is listed, not listed, claimed, accurate or inaccurate on up to 200 sites that have a direct impact on your maps ranking.

We'll give you a clearer picture of
just how visible you are online.





You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a high quality roofing contractor website. At the Visible Roofer, we build great looking roofing websites for $799 and all of the roofer websites we build are cross browser compatible as well as tablet and mobile responsive.

With most companies that offer contractor website design services, you might be waiting weeks or even months to get your roofing website built. We can get your site up and running in just a couple of business days! Our turnaround time is virtually unmatched, and we’ll be more than happy to give you dozens of client referrals that can attest to the speed and quality of our roofing website design. We get things done quickly around here because time is money and we waste neither.

We build some of the best roofing websites around while utilizing one of the best roofing website templates. Our theme is very flexible and we’ll customize either one to flow perfectly with your current branding initiative. Our roofer website designs look great on any device and every single one of our roofer websites are designed to maximize conversions into direct calls and exclusive contractor leads.

For our Roofing Web Design Services we charge just a one-time flat fee. There are no other hidden charges or fees. We also have hosting available. Our sites look great and have blazing fast PageSpeed and YSlow grades. Slow loading speeds can cost you thousands, but these sites load fast, fast, fast. Did we mention they are fast?

Our sites will outperform with any of the premium themes our competitors offer and by a large margin! They are more robust, have more features and have better PageSpeed and YSlow grades then the competition. They are just sharp looking roofing websites all the way around.

Regardless of either one of our roofing website templates that you choose, unlike our competitors - we don't charge extra for more pages or revisions. All of our sites come with unlimited pages and revisions. With us, you’ll get top notch general contractor website design at an unbeatable price and with our quick turnaround time, we can have you on your way to developing quality and exclusive roofing leads in no time. Our roofing contractor marketing services are unmatched in speed and cost and we can help turn your roofer website into one of the best ways to generate roofing leads.




Blazing Fast Ranking Methods and Website Turnaround Times

7 Year Track Record of Success with Dozens of Satisfied Clients

Zero Upfront SEO Fees to Generate Exclusive Calls & Leads

No Per Click or Per Lead Costs and No Keyterm Limit

Complete Tracking, Analtyics, Reporting and Support

No Long Term Contracts, Month-to-Month Exclusive Agreement

We Strive to Outperform our Competition and Do the Same for You

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