With so many roofing lead generation companies out there, it’s hard to decide who to hire to help you. We've seen a lot of companies come and go over the years and nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother is trying to sell roofing contractor marketing services. But there are quite a few differences that set us apart from most other companies that claim to offer the best way to generate roofing leads and real time phone calls.


  • We have been working with roofers since 2009. What we do works and we have helped produce tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.
  • We only work with companies that offer roofing services. We specialize in this niche and we even have a roofing contractor on our advisory board.
  • We only work with one contractor per city exclusively, so you don't have to worry about sharing leads or us having any client conflicts of interest.
  • We require no long term contract and no upfront fees. If we don't deliver consistent phone calls and webform leads, we don't deserve your business.


We believe in paying for performance, not paying for empty promises. High search engine visibility can be one of the most reliable and consistent roofing lead sources for you and our clients get a consistent amount of phone calls and high quality leads because we focus on increasing your website's visibility in the places it matters most. Give us a call, speak with us for just a few minutes and you'll quickly know why we are different. We genuinely care about your success and we have developed incredible relationships with all of our clients. Become a Visible Roofer and say goodbye to buying leads.

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Top Natural Listings

We are experts at SEO for Roofing Contractors. We'll build you a strong organic presence for the long term.

Google Map Placement

We work to deliver Top 3 placement in Google Maps for the most high volume roofing search terms.

Review Management

We'll monitor new and existing reviews from across the web to help promote and protect your brand.

Track and Report

We monitor and track your overall presence to keep a tab on your business' performance.


If you use a contractor lead service to buy contractor leads, you most likely have to share them with other several other companies, unless you want to pay upwards of $75-150+ per lead for them to be exclusive roofing leads. If you've used a lead buying service, you know that most of the leads you buy aren't very good. If you're lucky, you might get 5 decent leads out of every 10 you purchase. But that's rare and more often than not, that number is worse. Your own website can produce far superior results. On average, at least 9 out 10 calls or webform submissions that come through your own roofing website or Top Google Maps placement are solid, real customers. So why do most contractors continue to buy bad leads? We say stop buying roofing leads and contractor leads that you have to share. Start generating exclusive roofing leads with your website.

Generating your own exclusive roofing leads and calls is a better and less expensive option. With our Roofing SEO and Top Google Maps Placement, we help clients gain highly coveted visibility for dozens of the most searched roofing terms that drive traffic in your area. If you are looking for long term sustainable growth and consistently superior leads and calls, than our program can literally change your business.


1. Control: In order to eliminate your reliance on buying less than stellar leads, you would be taking control, both in terms of your website's rankings and your business' lead generation activities. Ultimately, by nixing your dependency on buying leads and focusing on lead generation through your website, you're taking control of your own destiny.

2. Savings : By implementing our roofing lead generation processes, you'll save a lot of money by generating leads organically. Research has consistently shown that companies focusing on inbound lead generation experience a 62% lower cost-per-lead than companies that use outbound tactics for lead generation. In short, incoming calls are better.

3. Quality : Because we tailor your lead generation activities to attract the exact type of prospects you're seeking, the exclusive leads we help you generate are of much higher quality. It's not rocket science, higher quality incoming calls and leads equals a better lead-to-customer conversion rate.




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You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a high quality roofing contractor website. At the Visible Roofer, we build great looking roofing company websites for $799 and all of the roofer websites we build are cross browser compatible as well as tablet and mobile responsive.

With other companies that offer roofing website design services, you might be waiting weeks or even months to get your roofing website built. We can get your site up and running in just a couple of business days! Our turnaround time is virtually unmatched, and we’ll be more than happy to give you dozens of client referrals that can attest to the speed and quality of our roofing websites. We get things done quickly around here because time is money and we waste neither.

We build some of the best looking roofing websites around while utilizing one of the best roofing website templates. Our themes are very flexible and we’ll customize either one to flow perfectly with your current branding initiative. Roofer website designs from the Visible Roofer look great on any device and every single one of our roofer websites are designed to maximize conversions into direct calls and exclusive contractor leads.

For our Roofing Web Design Services we charge just a one-time flat fee. There are no other hidden charges or fees. We also have hosting available if you need it. Keep in mind that our sites look great on any device or browser and have blazing fast PageSpeed and YSlow grades. Slow loading speeds can cost you visitors as well as ranking, but our sites load fast, fast, fast.

In addition, our sites will outperform with any of the $1000+ premium themes our competitors offer and by a large margin! They are as robust, come with just as many or more features, but have better loading times then the competition. We often get compliments that they are some of the best looking roofing websites around.

Regardless of either one of our roofing website templates that you choose, we don't charge extra for more pages or revisions - unlike our competitors. All of our sites come with as many pages and revisions as you need. With the Visible Roofer, you’ll get expert roofing contractor website design at an affordable price and with our quick turnaround time, we can have you on your way to developing quality calls and roofing leads in no time. When you combine our roofing lead services with your roofer website, you have a combination that has been proven to be one of the best ways to generate roofing leads.



Proven Ranking Methods and Blazing Fast Website Turnaround Times

7 Year Track Record of Success with Dozens of Satisfied Clients

Zero Upfront SEO Fees to Generate Exclusive Calls & Leads

No Per Click or Per Lead Costs and No Keyterm Limits

Complete Tracking, Analytics, Reporting and Support

No Long Term Contracts, Month-to-Month, Exclusive Rights

We Strive to Outperform our Competition and Do the Same for You

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