The Best Roofing Websites Start with a Solid Foundation

At the Visible Roofer, we don't just build some of the best looking roofing websites around...  we build high performance roofing websites that are built to rank well in Google and convert traffic into calls and leads. All of the roofer websites we build are cross browser compatible as well as tablet and mobile responsive.


With other companies that offer websites for roofers, you might be waiting weeks or even months to get your roofing website built. Not with us! We'll get your home page and first version up and running in about 4-5 business days! Our turnaround time is virtually unmatched, and we’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with clients that can attest to the speed and quality of our roofing website design services. We get things done quickly around here, because time is money and we waste neither.


Speaking of time. Nobody builds faster loading websites than we do. Nobody! Visit our Speed Test page for the proof. Our head to head test proves that we build the fastest and best roofing websites around.

When compared side by side versus our competition, our roofing websites have been proven to outperform our competitors by a large margin! Our sites are robust and have significantly faster loading times then any of our competitors. Keep that in mind when you are looking for a company to build your site, ask them about loading speeds. Slow loading speeds can not only cost you visitors, but high rankings as well. It is a ranking signal!


One thing we never do is holding our clients hostage. Ever. We encourage all of our new clients to set up their own hosting through one of our handpicked hosting recommendations. We are always willing to do it for you of course, but it's never put into our own name. We build your roofing websites for you and you own it and control it. We'll never ask you for a release fee. In our opinion that's just scummy. We help to protect you, by doing things right.


So if you are looking for expert roofing website design with a good price point and loads of features, then you've come to the right place. A high performance roofer website combined with our Roofing SEO is tough combination to beat.


A few of our Roofer Websites

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What's Included with our Roofing Website Design

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What Makes a Good Roofing Website?

There are certain principles that one should follow when doing web development and we try to adhere to these 10 practices of good web design to make the user experience quick, easy and painless.


In addition to these main practices our Roofing Websites all include the following:


Easy navigation + clear call to action

The top header includes your logo with a clear and concise menu navigation including your phone number, social media integration and press to call buttons on mobile phones. The header stays fixed on top so they’re always visible which makes for easy navigating and conversion.

Estimate request tab

This tab remains constantly visible on the left hand side of the website, even as the visitor scrolls which gives your visitors an easy way to become a lead.

Integrated Manufacturers & Accreditation

Users appreciate credibility so the more we can cater to this the better it goes for turning a visitor into a phone call or webform lead.

SEO & city specific, targeted landing pages

This is where most of the SEO takes place as we create and optimize content relative to your chosen cities and specific roofing services. We build out landing pages for each city that we target for you so that they are optimized for best search engine practices and visibility. Whereas most companies do not build out specific landing pages for each city, we build out pages for each city to assure optimal optimization. Most contractors target a geographical range of at least 25 miles of which there are usually 15-20 cities within that radius. We don't just target 1 city for you. We get you visibility in over a dozen cities.

Site footer with additional buttons and calls to action

Users don't want to have to think so we make use of this area to include additional calls to action, social media buttons, social media feeds or anything you wish. This area can be used to build additional trust factors while encouraging calls and web leads.

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