If you own or run a business, then you know the difference between a case study that is just marketing fluff and one that demonstrates an ability to have a real business impact.

Our SEO case studies are the real deal. While we do guarantee rankings and more visibility, that's not enough to make a lasting impact on our long term clients. Our case studies and conversations with clients revolve around what really matters: sales from the traffic we generate. We know that business owners invest money to grow their businesses, not just to feel better or gain brand visibility.

Keep in mind that these results are being achieved with no real emphasis on Social Media. Most other SEO companies want you to believe that Social Media is absolutely essential or necessary for top organic rankings, but we have proven this to be untrue time and time again. It's all hype and they say this so they can charge you extra fees. We aren't saying not to include some Social Media because it can benefit you, just don't believe that it is absolutely essential as a roofing company.

Kellner & Roof Solutions both had no websites when we started with zero organic or maps presence. Now they have high visibility for dozens of terms in each of their major cities plus many others. These are just a few examples of the work we have performed for roofing companies across the country.

Case Study 1 – Kellner Roofing

Case Study 2 – Roof Solutions