If you use a lead service to buy roofing leads, you most likely have to share them with other several other companies, unless you want to pay upwards of $75-150+ per lead for them to be exclusive roofing leads. If you've used a lead buying service in the past, you know that most of the leads you buy aren't very good. If you're lucky, you might get 5 decent leads out of every 10 you purchase. But that's rare, and more often than not, that number is much worse.

Your own website can produce far superior results to any lead buying service. Why? Because on average, at least 9 out 10 calls or webform submissions that come through your own roofing website or Top Google Maps placement are solid, real customers looking for roof repair or replacement. So then, why do most contractors continue to buy bad leads? We say stop buying roofing leads that you have to share. Start generating better roofing leads with your own roofing website.

With our Roofing SEO and Top Google Maps Placement, we help clients gain highly coveted visibility for dozens of the most searched roofing terms that drive traffic in your area and ultimately, it is a better and less expensive option than lead buying. If you are looking for long term sustainable growth and consistently superior roofing leads and calls, than our program can literally change your business.

The Benefits of Generating Incoming Calls vs Buying Roofing Leads

1. Control: In order to eliminate your reliance on buying less than stellar leads, you would be taking control, both in terms of your website's rankings and your business' lead generation activities. Ultimately, by breaking free of your dependency on buying leads and focusing on lead generation through your own website, you're taking control of your own business and it's destiny.

2. Savings: By implementing our roofing lead generation processes, you'll save a lot of money by generating leads organically. Research has consistently shown that companies that focus more on inbound lead generation experience a 62% lower cost-per-lead than companies that use outbound tactics for lead generation. In short, incoming calls are better. Period.

3. Quality: Because we tailor your lead generation activities to attract the exact type of prospects you're seeking, the exclusive leads we help you generate are of much higher quality. It's not rocket science, higher quality incoming calls and leads equals a better lead-to-customer conversion rate.